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Nicholas Beck, Ph.D.

Adolescent and Adult Psychologist


Nicholas Beck, Ph.D., CC-AASP, is a licensed psychologist and certified sport consultant specializing in psychotherapy and performance psychology services. He completed his undergraduate degree with honors from Clemson University, then went on to complete his masterís and doctorate in Counseling Psychology from the University of North Texas. He has previously worked in several college counseling centers providing psychotherapy services to students and student-athletes and serving as a resource for the campus communities.

Dr. Beck provides individual and couples psychotherapy services to those suffering from a range of presenting concerns including anxiety disorders, depression, interpersonal and romantic relationship concerns, identity issues, trauma, abuse, chronic pain, and performance-related concerns (e.g., sport, business). Dr. Beck also performs psychological evaluations to diagnosis, treat, and better understand issues related to ADHD, personality, intelligence, and learning disabilities.


For Curriculum Vitae, click here: CV.pdf


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