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Forensic Services: Clinical staff at Psychological Associates have years of experience in providing:

  • Psychiatric and Psychological evaluations
  • Psychological testing
  • Expert testimony for depositions and court
  • Consultation for attorneys and court
  • Assistance in both criminal and civil issues

We offer rapid production of forensic reports. Call (850) 434-5033 and ask for Lisa to schedule appointments for forensic services.

Disability Evaluations: We understand disability, and we can help you obtain a better understanding of disability and the medically necessary treatment.

Workers Compensation: On-the-job injuries frequently cause secondary stress that result in development of psychological and psychiatric symptoms. Clinical staff at Psychological Associates are experienced in providing evaluations to help insurance carriers and attorneys better understand the injuries, consequences, and medically necessary treatment. Ongoing psychiatric and psychological treatments are available to help a person return to work.

Independent Medical Examinations: Examinations are tailored to the specific questions asked, to help develop a better understanding of a client's emotional disorder and needs.

Organizational and Management Services: Organizations today have more requirements and obligations than ever to provide a safety and harmony. Clinicians at Psychological Associates have experience in consultation and direct intervention with government, business, and community organization. We can help by providing:

  • Management consultation
  • Direct intervention
  • Crises management




Child & Adolescent Services: Children and adolescents can have unique emotional and behavioral problems. These problems can effect learning, family relationships, and developing social skills. We can help children by providing:

  • Psychiatric and Psychological evaluations
  • Psychological testing
  • Individual psychotherapy
  • Family psychotherapy
  • Behavior modification
  • Psychiatric medication management

Adult Services: The world of personal and business relationships has become increasingly complex. We understand the stressors and problems experienced by adults at home and work. We can help by providing:

  • Psychiatric and Psychological evaluations
  • Psychological testing
  • Individual psychotherapy
  • Family psychotherapy
  • Group psychotherapy
  • Psychiatric medication management

Couples and Family Services: Communication and understanding are more important in marriage and families than ever in today's society. We can help by providing:

  • Marital Psychotherapy
  • Family Psychotherapy

Psychological Testing: Difficult-to-answer questions often require psychological testing to provide vital information and understanding. Clinical staff at Psychological Associates can provide:

  • Intelligence testing 
  • Academic achievement testing
  • Personality testing
  • Projective testing
  • Specialized Psychological testing

Neuropsychological Testing: In order to decide the best treatment options, neuropsychological testing may be suggested.  Clinical staff at Psychological Associates can provide:

  • Memory 
  • Alzheimer's disease
  • Dementia
  • Parkinson's disease


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