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A diagnostic evaluation is performed before any treatment services are given. Psychiatric Evaluation is needed to develop a treatment plan that involves medication. Psychiatric Evaluation may include specific testing of personality or intelligence when needed. The following are some of the clinical services we provide.

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Psychiatric Evaluation

A psychiatric evaluation is performed by a licensed physician who has also completed at least three years of training in psychiatry.
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Psychological Evaluation

A psychological evaluation for an adult consists of an interview to obtain information about emotional or behavioral symptoms as well as any social issues.
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Psychiatric Testing

Some times, psychological testing can help improve the accuracy of diagnosis or to understand a client's thoughts and relationships.
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Individual Psychotherapy

Individual psychotherapy involves one-on-one interaction between a therapist and a client.
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Interactive Psychotherapy

Interactive psychotherapy involves interaction between a therapist and a client who cannot understand language sufficiently for a verbal psychotherapy to be completely helpful.
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Family Psychotherapy

Family psychotherapy involves a therapist meeting with two or more members of a family.
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Systems Psychotherapy

Systems psychotherapy involves a therapist meeting with members of a group. The group can be an extended family or can be a group of people working together.
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Group Psychotherapy

Group psychotherapy involves a therapist meeting with a group of people.

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